Why Are People Afraid of Change?

Why Are People Afraid of Change?

Published On: June 14, 2022

Everyone experiences life changes daily—moving houses, a new job, and much more. But we’re naturally drawn to certainty. Have you ever asked yourself, “why are people afraid of change?”

As human beings, we fear change for several reasons. Our internal predispositions teach us to resist change because consistency gives a feeling of being in control. But you can’t predict everything in life, and accepting that change is a normal part of everyday life helps to lower the fear factor.

Fear of Failure

In a society that revers success, no one wants to fail. However, failure is a necessary part of growth and learning. We naturally make mistakes as human beings.

Rather than focus on your fears, acknowledge that you’re human and accept being vulnerable. Reframing mistakes as learning experiences will help you combat fear and grow.

Fear of Pain and Discomfort

Why are people afraid of change? Change often requires extra work and effort. Avoiding extra effort is reasonable, but the fear of struggle, pain, and discomfort can prevent you from moving a step ahead or achieving your goals. It can prevent you from eating healthy, leading an active lifestyle, or starting something new. Sometimes, it takes less effort than you think to embrace constructive fear and stop resisting.

Fear of Criticism

We all like to look good in front of others. People often choose not to try something because of the fear of criticism. However, it’s impossible to master something you try for the first time. Failure and criticism are necessary parts of personal growth.

Fear of the Unknown

If you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, that’s normal. The human brain typically defaults to the easiest, least painful, and fastest option. But the most straightforward option may not always have the best outcomes. Being open to uncertainty helps you deal with change.

When dealing with an experimental condition or new experience, learn to accept reality and embrace the unknown one step at a time.

What Is Fear of Change?

While it’s natural to fear change, some people deal with a more severe fear of change called metathesiophobia. People with metathesiophobia fear change intensely, making it difficult to live a normal or comfortable life.

Common symptoms of metathesiophobia include:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

How To Overcome the Fear of Change

Conquering fear or change requires commitment. The following tips can help you overcome your fear of change:

  • Build on successful experiences
  • Start small and build momentum
  • Understand your emotions and work on them
  • Promote curiosity
  • Don’t let fear prevent you from embracing the unknown

Get Professional Help

Now that you can answer the question, “why are people afraid of change?” you know that fear of change is not a sign of weakness. If you feel chronically stuck, anxious, or depressed, it’s essential to seek professional counsellor help. We can help you overcome your challenges and cope with change. Call us at (905) 319-1488 to schedule an appointment with a professional counsellor at Bayridge Counselling Centres.

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