What I Do?

From the moment we’re born, we start writing the story of our lives. As we grow, we encounter situations and changes that shape our lives into our own individual journey. Everyone’s story is unique and not one life is the same as another. This personal experience is full of suspenseful moments, unexpected plot twists, and challenging obstacles.

I strive to offer a safe place where individuals can be heard, understood, and supported through these chapters of life. I am committed to working with you as you reflect on your story to help you identify the accomplishments, strengths and skills it already tells to assist in the obstacles of the journey ahead.

Reading back through our story it can be easy to focus on the difficult chapters, but I also know that these challenges do not define the blank pages ahead. I believe that every individual has the strength and skills to persevere through their circumstances and make their story one of endurance and accomplishment. Your story is far from over and the journey has just begun.

My therapy primarily centers around individuals who may be struggling with parts of their story including feelings of anxiety or depression, behavioral issues, ADHD, divorce and family issues, and other struggles that may arise.

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I Believe

“I believe all life stories, no matter how confusing or complex, are opportunities to share, learn and write new chapters”


Steve Wilding

Registered Psychotherapist | BA, MA, RP

Education & Accomplishments

  • Bachelor of Arts – Psychology
  • Master of Arts – Counselling Psychology
  • Play Therapy Techniques


  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical-Behavior Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Professional Memberships

  • College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)
  • Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP)


  • 5 years

Steve's Favorite Quote

“Whoever said that “Practice makes perfect” is wrong. Humans can’t be perfect, because we are not machines. The best thing you can say about practice is that it makes better.”

– Sam (Atypical – Netflix) 2017

Frequently Asked Questions With Steve

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Throughout my life I’ve been involved with jobs and programs focused on helping people. Into my adult years, I spent time looking and testing different fields that might fulfil that desire. While starting a degree for a different field altogether, I elected to take an introduction to psychology course and immediately found myself wanting to know more. This led to a newfound passion and desire to become a therapist and provide that assistance for others.

My favorite part of being a therapist has to be hearing everyone’s unique story and being trusted to be a part of the current chapter they are walking through. No two people are ever the same and I love getting to know someone and building trust to assist them in these moments.

The first step into therapy can be full of hesitancy; unsure of who your therapist may be or what counselling even looks like. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about seeking medical care for a physical illness, but may perceive our mental health as a challenge to conquer alone. You don’t need to do this by yourself. Taking the first steps towards that change takes courage and we are here to assist along the way. We are not here to change you, but to walk beside you through whatever those individual challenges may be.

I think it can go a long way to remember as parents that our children are their own unique characters. When our children experience difficulties in school, social, home or their mental health, they are not broken but may be struggling with their unique identity and emotions as they respond. We are their guidance as they learn more about that identity in an ever-growing world. Never stop listening and supporting.

Talking is an enormously powerful tool for grasping better clarity for ourselves and a situation. I like to use this example: Have you ever had a joke in your head that you just think is the absolutely funniest thing? You tell it over and over again to yourself and you laugh every time. You can’t wait to share it with someone else and wait for them to feel the same way! You start sharing the joke and half-way through saying it out loud, it hits you…. This isn’t actually that funny. Talking brings the thoughts we have outside of ourselves and can help with improved emotional understanding, context, and clarity for the thoughts and experiences that are swimming around in our mind.

Steve Wilding

Bayridge Counselling


  • Monday – Friday
    Daytime and Evening


What activity instantly calms you?

Playing my guitars. Being able to create and play music provides an instant satisfaction and calming feeling in moments of stress.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

I once heard a quote (although unsure where) that goes: “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.” This has stuck with me as a reminder that a change in my life is worth it. it’s far better to do something about it, no matter how small, than to ignore it and do nothing.

What's your favourite board game?

I find any deck-builder board game enjoyable, with my current favorite being Res Arcana. The uniqueness of each game keeps me coming back for more.

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