‘Living spiritually’ has a different meaning to different people. For many of us North Americans, it means following a particular religious tradition like Christianity, the Jewish faith or other religions. While religion is being challenged on every front, spirituality is advancing. History clearly shows that deep within mankind is a longing and searching for meaning that transcends one’s own life. In other words, we all unconsciously know there must be more.

While there are many different ideas, with many different approaches, we believe that living spiritually is finding a relational connection on several levels of our personhood. Firstly, it is living in communion with your own self in meaningful and nurturing processes that empower and promote the expansion of all that is good within you. It is mining the depths of your soul for wisdom, truth and seeking after the coin of great price.

Secondly, it is birthing and dwelling in the cradle of a loving relationship with God. Or the universe. Daily we sense the message warmly speak to our soul; “You belong here!”.

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Thirdly, it is living out a meaningful, deep relationship with others that affirms their value and empowers them to become all that they can be. Living spiritually we understand that we derive meaning from our deep relationships with others. Hence, we seek to connect with like-minded communities.

Lastly, in all our journeying, we acknowledge that we have hurt and wounded ourselves, others, our environment, and, therefore, diligently seek forgiveness and reconciliation in a very broken world. In all of our understanding of living spiritually, we endeavour to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

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