I don’t Understand why My Teen is Always so Angry.

The straight-forward answer is neither do I! However, your teenager knows, but they often can’t articulate why they are so angry. Online counselling helps teens use their words to connect with the feelings they might be experiencing in order to learn how to solve their issues. The reality is there are an awful lot of things going on in a teen’s world.

Is Teenage Rebellion Normal?

Teenage rebellion is to some degree normal behaviour. They are becoming an individual and they need to practice their individuality as a growing adult. This is normal and we need patience and understanding. However, it is all about limits. Online counselling can aid in articulating what behaviours are inappropriate.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Safety always comes first! The line is when the anger is going to hurt your teen or those around her, including you. Online counselling can be a significant aid in helping a teen understand that it is not OK to hurt themselves or others.

It may be hard to hand off your teen to someone else. Your teen is not the only one going through changes. You as parents are. Your job is to prepare them for the world. Part of that preparation is for teens to learn that there are safe people they can trust. Our online therapists are safe people who are highly skilled at helping parents assist teens through their issues.

The best anger management modalities will always be wholistic in their approach. They should include behavioural, cognitive, emotional and lifestyle examination. If a teen is not getting enough exercise, sleep, or social interaction we can predict that anger will be exhibited. Online therapy can help the teen understand there are many causes that trigger an anger response, but they can learn to manage these powerful emotions.

Sometimes the best approach is the same way we handle going to a dentist. We not only need to model it for them, we also need to deal with it as a health issue not a problem issue. Reducing any stigma is a must. Online therapy in the safety of their own bedroom is a wonderful way to ease them into therapy.

NO! And yes!

Trust is paramount if we are going to open up to someone. The cornerstone of counselling is confidentiality. So, teens need to know that their conversations are private if we are to really understand what is going on inside them.

However, parents and other professionals will be notified by the therapist if there is any threat of harm to themselves or someone else. Our online therapist knows that the most influential support people in a teenager’s life are the parents and their family. It is important for parents to support and understand their teenager.

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