We love kids; but kids make a mess. Teens screw up. Moms freak out! It’s inevitable. But you can recover, learn from your mistakes, and move on empowered. Almost thirty years ago when my wife and I were first expecting, we headed off to the local community parenting class. While we learned a lot, the class was small and attended by parents that I thought sounded like good parents already.

Parenting comes with its own challenges for every generation. Often modern parents are wrongly criticized in their schools and in the media for the job they do. If children are unruly, blame the parents; if children are spoiled, it is their parents that enabled them. If you have not noticed, the world has changed. The only real criticism that I have with many parents is not their lack of love or commitment but their great presumption that they should magically know how to raise healthy children. Most of us tend to think, “Hey, I didn’t turn out that badly, so I will just do what my parents did.” Not a good decision! It is just not enough!

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Today’s parents have a far greater challenge than just a decade ago. While we are busier and we know more, more is expected of us. At Bayridge we know how much you value your children. We know that you have invested tens of thousands of dollars for education and their care – not to mention countless hours in the dance studios and hockey rinks. At Bayridge we believe some of the greatest gifts you can give your child in the most critical time of their life are a strong sense of self, a confident attitude, the skills to master their thoughts, behaviour and emotions, and the social skills to celebrate community in all its wonder and beauty.

If these things are solidly in place, the world will bow before them as they assertively and proactively write their stories with hope, courage and love.

If you have concerns about your child, because of special needs or parenting concerns, our specialists are here just for you. We have an incredible, seasoned team of child and teen therapists that work with behavioural issues, trauma and transitional challenges. We can start working with you and your child this week. We have worked with thousands of kids just like yours. We would love to work with yours! Why don’t you give us a call?

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