Bending Over Backwards

Sometimes we bend over backwards and jump through hoops in order to avoid conflict. While taking my daughters to gymnastics I learned a few things about the art of tumbling and keeping your balance. I thought they would be doing flips and splits, summersaults and the high bar in the first week. Instead, they began with simple skill development, but it wasn’t long before they were jumping through hoops and bending over backwards like pretzels.

Young love believes and hopes all things wonderful. I have learned that where there are people, there are problems. And yet it is the special people in our lives that make life so rewarding, so meaningful. When conflict comes, not if, we either have the skills to steer through these very rolling rapids or we lose our balance and capsize. These times are not pretty!

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Same Conflict, Same Wrong Conclusions

We often come to very wrong conclusions about conflict and our own abilities to handle it. Conflict is normal and we all need to acquire the skills of navigating through it successfully. We often wrongly assume that it is the other person, or that ‘doing marriage or family’ shouldn’t be this hard. The reality is, not one of us had perfect parents so we can assume that we did not receive some important skills for relationships. If we do not develop these skills, we will not experience some of the most beautiful terrain of intimacy and trust with confidence.

At Bayridge we have purposely staffed our team with therapists specially trained to coach adults, teens and children. Conflict is challenging but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Some personalities are prickly or avoidant but not bad. You can learn to manage disagreement and emotional exchanges with respect and dignity. Why not give us a call and begin your training?

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