All You Need Is Love!

Religious writings, including the Bible, suggest that ‘love is a mystery.’ The authors endeavour to describe and order different kinds of love: friendship love, parental love, unconditional love, erotic love, and a love that is defined as ‘my favourite old shoe’ kind of love. The Beatles made millions singing All You Need is Love. Love, they say, makes the world go around. Well, I know that it makes my world go ‘round. Love for my wife and children, brother and sister, and my entire family of friends brings meaning and fullness to my life. Life would be pretty empty without it. I think I am safe in saying that we all need to love and be loved to be fully human.

But when love seems to evaporate we are left feeling cold and empty. Most people would say that love is far more than just feelings, but take those feelings away and WOW! Look out! We struggle; we might even flounder and fall. How in the world do you get those feelings back? How do you feel the passion you once felt? Can they return? Is it realistic to think that passion can last beyond the honeymoon stage?

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Research Discovers Secrets About Love!

When marriage and family researchers drilled down into relationships to discover the secrets of love and how the chemistry of the brain interacts with the thoughts and behaviours of thousands of couples, they found significant help for distant couples. Love feelings can be restored. Many couples we have worked with have openly declared that it has never been better. In fact, scores of couples continue to refer their friends to Bayridge to help them in keeping the fires of passion and love burning.

Marriage is not a static relationship. It must constantly be monitored and tended to. If we don’t take care of our relationships they will deteriorate; they will grow cold. At Bayridge we are relational scout leaders. We can teach you how to start a fire in the pouring rain; we can teach you how to keep it burning in order to keep warm and safe. Let us be the spark. Give me a call! I love fireside chats!

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