Defeat “Fear of Missing Out” and Enjoy Life!

Defeat “Fear of Missing Out” and Enjoy Life!

Published On: June 1, 2021

Know the tips to battle FOMO

FOMO has evolved to be a trendy topic these days, and it is something that needs attention. As the term means, FOMO is a psychological condition that increases anxiety and builds up negative thoughts around a person’s personal life. People who are victims of FOMO tend to think that they are missing things in their lives compared to others.

So, FOMO is related to some sort of irregularity in the pattern of thinking of an individual. Here are some essential tips for shackling the chains of FOMO and standing out.

Try new friends: Take a minute to think about the reasons behind your friend’s choices. If you are surrounded by good ones, they will not say bad things behind your back or think bad thoughts about you, irrespective if you are not able to hang out with them often. It would be best if you tried to maintain quality personal relationships with quality people.

Judge carefully: Similar to selecting a good friend, improve the quality of looking at other things in life from a different angle to identify details. This will help you to make more balanced decisions.

Keep aside jealousness: Don’t attach too much to material things that bring temporary joy. Instead, try to stay happy with what you have and find more ways to satisfy your soul rather than the body.

Prioritize desires: Making all your desires come true at once is not an easy thing to do. That is why you should order each of the activities based on the level of importance. More important things will come at the top and focus more on meaningful things to you personally.

Target one thing at a time: There can be hundreds of things to do in your daily life. But the average human brain is not capable of handling multiple things at once. Prioritize your work and do one at a time for more productive results.

Know your limits: Learn to live in the moment rather than chasing unrealistic things seeking happiness. Look deep into yourself and see what’s around you to develop mindfulness which will guide you to a simpler form of life.

Enjoy precious moments to the fullest: Don’t try to hurry from one moment of happiness to another. Absorb the maximum joy from good moments because you won’t find many of those opportunities in life.

Find happiness in what you already have: Grow the quality of gratitude in life to experience happiness by admiring the things that life has given us rather than complaining about things that we do not have.

Build your self-identity: Try your level best to identify personal values rooted within you. Always make time to listen to yourself and your feelings to bring out the real character hidden inside.

Emphasize self-compassion: Cultivate more self-values through pointing a finger at yourself. Speak to yourself in a kind manner as you would have done with your best friend. Always be good to yourself which will develop your self-esteem.

If you need to understand more about FOMO or seek help from a qualified counsellor, connect with our online therapist to book your appointment.

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