Why is Counselling More Crucial Post-Pandemic?

Why is Counselling More Crucial Post-Pandemic?

Published On: November 2, 2021

The times are always ever-changing, but the pandemic has opened our eyes to the uncertainty of life even more. It can feel like an endless battle trying to adapt constantly in a fast-paced world. The pandemic has left us with a hole inside. No matter how hard you try, there is a hollowness. The days when we couldn’t meet our friends for months have impacted us in ways we have not yet discovered.

We need to find a virtual way to accomplish so many tasks. This leaves us feeling disconnected from the world around us. You sit in your room feeling lonely, gazing at the emptiness for hours. For teens, the time has shifted in the absence of sports, fun, and friends. It is time to shine a light on mental health and deal with the stress with counselling.

How Effective Is Online Counselling?

Counselling is like an escape window when all the doors seem to be closed. There is light if you let it in. A counsellor can help you in numerous ways to identify your feelings and the proper ways to act. With small steps every day, you can improve your mental health and build a joyous life.

When it comes to online counselling, people might feel awkward and shy. Often, they ask questions like – won’t it be unnatural? What if my conversations are being recorded? The good news is that people have tried online counselling and are generally quite happy with it. It works!

Online Counselling Concerns And Solutions

Since the idea of online counselling is becoming more and more popular, here are some of the significant concerns that people have, and their solutions.

1 – Using Technology For Counselling Is New For You

Meeting people virtually through your screen is indeed a new experience. However, people have successfully coped with these new ways and have had positive experiences. Most people prefer online counselling as it can be attended from the comfort of your home. It is also a better option for days when you don’t have the energy to dress up and go out.

2 – Someone Overhears Your Session

This is a common fear among people when it comes to online counselling. However, it can be solved with the following measures:

  • Find a quiet space in your room where your privacy is respected.
  • You can go for a walk and attend a session at the same time.
  • If you are comfortable, ask your family not to disturb you during your sessions.
  • Use a white noise machine.

3 – Is There Any Threat To Your Privacy?

No, since online counselling is done on reliable platforms whose privacy policies adhere to moral and ethical standards. Also, no one other than you and your counsellor can access the session without permission.

Benefits Of Online Counselling 

With so much going on around us, it has become hard to focus on the good things about life. Worrying too much over uncertainty distracts us from the present. With counselling, you can bring yourself back to the present and feel the light. 

While you can contact your friends through the internet, it doesn’t guarantee the same connection that you feel from within. Stress can make us feel scattered and detached. We cannot wait forever for someone to come and fix us. 

We often consume ourselves in sorrows so deep that it can be hard to bounce back. It’s completely okay to feel low and anxious. However, you have to regain control of your life. Remember, there is always light for those who try to find it. 

The Final Words 

Counselling sessions will remind you each day to count your blessings. You will see the beauty around you as you shift your focus from negative to positive. So, if you feel like curling up in your bed and crying the day away, we have got your back.

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