Tips for Dealing with Holiday-related Stress

Tips for Dealing with Holiday-related Stress

Published On: November 8, 2018

The holiday season is here once more. From the holiday decorations, and lights to festivities, celebrations, shopping, cooking, and preparing for family and friends visiting, the holidays can quickly go from being a happy time of year to one full of stress and anxiety. When you are stressed, it distracts from being able to enjoy the holidays and your family and friends.

As you are planning and preparing for the holidays, there are several things you can do to reduce stress levels and have a stress-free holiday season:

  • Do your holiday shopping online. One way to avoid crowded shopping centres is to buy your items online. Many stores also offer the option to order online and pick up your gifts from their customer service desk or curbside, so you can get in an out quickly.
  • Limit the number of decorations you put up. It is easy to go overboard with holiday decorating. Just remember whatever you put up will have to be taken down later. Rather than decorate your entire house, decorate a few rooms. On the outside of the home, keep it simple too.
  • Ask relatives and out-of-town guests to stay at a hotel. To avoid stress from having too many people in your home all the time, this is a good idea. You can enjoy visiting and catching up with relative and friends, but still have your own quiet space to enjoy after they leave and go back to their hotel.
  • Limit the number of parties and celebrations you attend. Rather than accept every invite you get, select one or two holiday parties and celebrations. This way you are not overbooked and still have time to enjoy the holidays.
  • Simplify your own holiday party. If you are hosting your own holiday celebration, consider what you can to do make it simple. Rather than doing all the cooking yourself, consider going “pot-luck” and asking everyone to bring a dish to pass. To save on cleanup, use paper plates and plastic cutlery you can recycle.
  • Plan holiday meals with food you can make ahead of time and reheat. You can cook a wide range of foods ahead of time, so on the day of your holiday celebration, you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends, instead of being stuck in the kitchen cooking all day.
  • Schedule some “me time.” Don’t forget to set some time aside for yourself. Enjoy a hot relaxing bath, reading your favourite book or other relaxing activity.
  • Plan a quiet night at home with just your family. It is nice to plan a night where you will stay in and just enjoy being with your family. You can watch a movie together or enjoy some board games.

Even with these stress-reducing tips, if you find you are becoming over-stressed during the holidays, remember you can always speak to a counselor in a caring, supportive and judgement-free environment at Bayridge Counselling Centres. Contact us at 905-319-1488 to schedule an appointment today!

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