Published On: July 31, 2014

There seems to be a natural rhythm to many things in nature. There is the seasons, the morning and evening, the rhythm of the heart and our own breath. The biblical reminder of ‘the sabat’ or ‘sabbath’ was a reminder that there is a time to stop working, to rest and reflect. It has been postulated by more authors than just myself, that the 21 Century illness to conquer, is not cancer or AIDS, but stress. Perpetual Stress!

Many medical researchers have suggested that our bodies were not made to live under the perpetual stress that most of us live in. Our North American culture of; materialism, pursuit of happiness and the push to experience more and more, places unrealistic expectation on our selves. A recent study found 4/10 children said they felt anxious or stressed most of the time.

Our bodies were never created to endure such perpetual pressure without the ability to replenish, recover and recreate. North America is impoverished for time, relationships and spirituality. We have little time to reflect about our lives. We are not mindful about ourselves and families. It is no wonder that some medical
doctors say that up to 70-80 % of medical appointments have psychological roots. Certainly when we contemplate the epidemic of anxiety and depression we need to consider the rhythm of the blues.

Life is lived best when the rhythm of the body is in sync with the mind and soul. For many of us we tend to ignore the signals of stress. Perpetual busyness is going to catch up to us. We become anxious, irritable, angry, distant and uncommunicative. Our relationships suffer and we can become run down and maybe even mildly depressed. If you ignore the rhythm of your body and soul, you just might be keeping beat to the rhythm of the blues. If you are struggling… don’t struggle alone.

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