WSIB and CMHP was created to help Ontarians that suffer a work-related illness or injury. At Bayridge, our WSIB team’s first priority is our clients. We are here for you and we are part of your integrated team to support your recovery and eventually safe return to work.

Suffering a work-related illness or injury is a traumatic event. Initially, you may not even recognize the stress you are feeling as many of our clients can first attribute these moods, shock, or numb feelings to just the injury or pain they are experiencing. Many clients can re-experience the traumatic event, which can understandably cause general anxiety for some. An injury or illness can also leave you learning how to cope with changes to your normal routine.

You are not alone. We are here to help you navigate all these changes.

Our trauma-trained specialists have years of experience in helping our WSIB clients.

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It’s A Team Effort!


When you call our office, one of our skilled intake specialists will do the initial intake. We will then confirm with WSIB that you have been approved and obtained a memo number that enables you to get started.

Personal Service:

At Bayridge, our clients are assured of personalized service. Our intake specialists are highly trained and sensitive and our administrator is always there to answer your questions and to ensure your case continues to move forward.


With the recommendation of the psychologist the “BEST” therapist fit for your blocks of care will be determined. As with psychologists, many therapists on our trauma team have treatment specialties. At this point your blocks of care are booked with the clinician. Continuity is beneficial and important to meet with WSIB requirements in a timely way.


Our trauma team has highly trained WSIB approved Psychologists ready to work with you. Once your case has been reviewed, we will determine which psychologist will be assigned to you. Our diverse team of psychologists, with varying specialities, enables us to place you with the best possible fit to ensure the best outcome for the type of care you will need.

Important Components:

The history obtained in the intake is fully reviewed to ensure we have everything we need to proceed and have the appropriate members on our team to provide the services approved in a timely manner.

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Who is on your Trauma Team?

Intake Specialists -knowledgeable, compassionate and caring

Manager and Administrative supervisor of WSIB CMHP- who ensures timely processing from beginning to end available directly to you by phone or email.

WSIB approved Psychologists – with varying specialties

Registered Clinicians – highly trained in multiple trauma therapy modalities (EMDR, CBT, CPT)

Qualified clinical supervising psychologist – WSIB approved

Time Line

Under 10 minutes

Initial intake

Within 1 hour of receiving the intake

Administrator will confirm claim number and obtain memo number to proceed

Next 5 to 10 days

Assessment is booked

5 to 7 days from assessment completion

Clinical treatment booked immediately following WSIB approval

Our mission here at Bayridge is to provide prompt, professional psychological services to you, “our client”. As part of your WSIB Circle of Care: Together with your WSIB Case Manager, Nurse Consultant, Medical Health Practitioner, Employer, we strive to provide you with the best results for your Return to Work.