What I Do?

Do you want to be happier?

Do you want to improve a relationship?

Do you have a husband or teenager who can use some help?

Friends and family can be wonderful supports, but it is often hard to find someone who can help us grow in wisdom and strength. As someone who has been studying what it means to be emotionally healthy for over 16 years, that is exactly what I offer. My goal is to help people like you as quickly and effectively as possible because I know time and money are precious. When you see me, I will strive to create a safe space where people don’t feel judged, no matter the issue. Whether you’re male or female, young or old, human or extraterrestrial (I charge more for extraterrestrial because of the long-distance fees), you deserve my respect and an opportunity to feel supported. It doesn’t matter if you come in by yourself, as a couple, or as a family, our time together is meant to be the encouragement you need to grow. In order to achieve this, I do my best to role model healthy living (I try to follow what I teach), and I use a combination of modalities including solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), emotionally focused therapy (EFT), and logic-based therapy (LFT), and quite often basic life experience. This recipe allows me to offer a personalized program that best fits your needs with a little fun mixed in. If you’re going to enjoy life more, it should start by enjoying your time with me.

If you have a hard time asking for help, trying therapy can be a challenge, but what is often best for us is what’s hardest to do. It’s no different than starting to exercise: it’s hard to begin, but once you get into it, you’re really glad you did.

I believe everyone has the right to be happy, but achieving this end is a greater challenge than we often realize and/or want to admit. If you’re ready to make the next step to be closer to your goal, please call or email to book an appointment. I will do my best to make room in my schedule for you as quickly as I can, because you matter.

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I Believe

“It’s a rewarding and privileged experience to walk along the path of self-empowerment with my clients.

I would be honoured to take the journey with you.”


Rev. Chad Tomlinson

Registered Psychotherapist | MTS, MEd, MA, OCT, Rev., RP

Education & Accomplishments

  • Five times Readers Choice Award recipient for Best Therapist
  • Three master’s degrees (Masters of Spirituality and Psychotherapy, Masters of Education, Masters of Theology)


  • Using a variety of modalities
  • CBT
  • DBT
  • EFT
  • Solution-focused
  • Narrative
  • And basic logic from life experience

Professional Memberships

  • College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)
  • Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP)
  • Community Christian Fellowship Church of Canada (CCFCC): Ordained Clergy
  • OCT (retired)


  • 16 Years

Rev. Chad's Favorite Quote

“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” because even therapy should be enjoyable.”

Frequently Asked Questions With Rev. Chad

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

When I was 20, I was volunteering in a grade 7 class working with a small group in the hallway when I realized I really liked teaching people things… but I was terrible at math. That, and like a lot of men, I saw The Godfather and thought, “I want people to come to me because I can offer help.” I just wanted to help in a way that didn’t involve horses or guns.

Years after no longer seeing a client, hearing that they’ve been using the lessons and tools I taught, which has led to a healthier relationship and/or life.

I was once told, “Talking to you, Chad is like talking to a really wise friend… that I pay, so I don’t have to listen to your problems after I’ve shared mine.” A good therapist helps you feel safe like a friend, but they also offer wisdom you likely can’t find in every day relationships. They will also never ever ask, “How does that make you feel?”

No matter what you do, you’re going to screw up your kid in some way, so relax, do your best, and try to enjoy the ride.

To leave everywhere I go a little merrier than when I found it.

“You’re not uptight… nice.”
“My husband never thought he’d like therapy, but he really likes talking to you.”
“You get me, and you help my wife get me better.”
“I love that you can put me deep into thought about things that I already thought I had figured out.”

Rev. Chad Tomlinson

Bayridge Counselling


  • Tues, Wed, & Fri
    Evening and Daytime


What's your favourite board game(s)?

Sequence and Blokus.

What’s the best piece of advice a family member has given you?

Don’t be a teacher.

How do you enjoy spending your alone time?

Filling out questionnaires.

Throughout history, who would be your number one hero?

My biggest hero throughout history is Mickey Mouse. This is mostly because he has brought hope to a lot of people for close to 100 years. And let’s be honest, he has aged incredibly well. I’m guessing he uses the same moisturizer as Jennifer Aniston.

Rev. Chad in the Community

Rev. Chad In The Community

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