I have often said that parenting may be the hardest job you will ever be asked to do, but it is also one of the most rewarding. But let’s be real; real honest. It can be exasperating and discouraging. If anyone told us how hard it was going to be we probably would have thought twice abut it.

Children are a wonderful gift and we treasure them. We want them to succeed and to be well equipped for a world that is highly competitive and constantly changing. When we think of the skills that effective young adults need for a successful launch into the work force, they are, indeed, numerous. There is significantly more pressure on our children to acquire and perform. In alignment with this, there are also constant challenges for parents to understand more and equip more. Effective parenting is an art that needs to be studied, perfected and executed with consistency. Today there are significantly more children and teens dealing with ADHD, depression, anxiety, learning disorders and behavioural issues. We have better testing to recognize issues, and new strategies to treat the issues they struggle with. Today’s parenting requires new strategies… new skills. With some issues our old strategies are just ineffective. Our parents painted on the canvas of our lives but we all know we need to do better.

It is not easy to find good therapists whose work specializes in helping struggling children or teens. At Bayridge Family Center we have several who do just that and they also work with the children’s parents. I am very proud of these therapists. I think they are excellent and the children and teens love them. If you are struggling… let the Bayridge team help!

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