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After a tiring day of work, you find yourself hesitating to open the car door. You stare at your front door, frozen, and think, ‘What happened?’ What happened to the joy we felt when we found this house that was going to be our home? We were so excited! And now you allow yourself to acknowledge, perhaps for the first time, that you have no want or desire to walk through that door. What happened?

Having a life partner makes sense on a lot of fronts. People who are married tend to be happier, more successful, more financially stable and more resilient in facing life’s challenges. In fact, most of us choose marriage or the idea of marriage. While we are constantly changing and growing as individuals, we require security and safety as well. In fact, we cannot grow and mature without safety and security. Having a life partner provides the love and respect we all long for.

While the institution of marriage has been questioned in the past few decades as being unnecessary, the need for one special person to spend our life with has not. People may not like terminology or the packaging, but the actual product is still as popular as ever. Most of us still want to have a life partner to share our life with.

In the end we love our partners. We love the idea of always having someone by our side. In fact, we do not do very well at all alone.

When Canadians, as well as people in many other countries, are polled about the things they value most in life, ‘family’ always sits at the top of the list. A couple’s relationship is the executive relationship of the family. As it goes the family goes.

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We constantly manage and care for anything of value in our lives, whether that is our garden, our home, our children, our finances or our business. We know that if we do not take care of things and nurture them, they will tend to deteriorate. In fact, my wife and I have regular marital checkups to make sure that what we say is important is not neglected or taken for granted.

At the same time research will show that every couple goes through similar issues surrounding intimacy, communication, values, finances, parenting styles, power struggles and work. In addition, life throws us unexpected challenges like loss of job or health, family or friends, and a thousand other unplanned circumstances. Wise couples do not risk the most important assets of their life on the presumption that everything will be alright. They make sure it is. They know that problems only get solved by solving them.

I personally have counseled over twelve thousand couples and families. Over the last twenty-six years, our team collectively has worked with tens of thousands of couples just like you. My advice to you is to take care of your marriage. If you do the family will most likely thrive. When couples come to Bayridge to invest and solve issues, our success rates are incredible. Let’s talk!

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