Published On: September 18, 2014


Citizens are stunned by random acts of kindness occurring everywhere! Courtesy in the check out lines, parking lots. Pedestrians are not having to scoot across the road during “WALK” signs to avoid vehicular nudging by impatient drivers.

A customer in a local coffee drive-thru was stunned when advised the car proceeding them had paid for their order. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??

Imagine picking up your daily newspaper and seeing this. Would it make your hand tremble as you reach for cup of coffee? Would it make you glance at your children across the breakfast table as they gobble down their favorite cereal, working their way to the prize inside the box and wonder what kind of world are they facing?

It would be quite a change from the news normally reported. “Feel good” stories are few and far between and tend to only make an appearance on slow news days. The onslaught presented in today’s media about the reality in our world can be overwhelming. Some people get mired in the seeming hopelessness and play ostrich with head in the sand or feel that one person cannot make a difference, especially in other parts of the world.

Perhaps it is a change in perspective that is needed. Why not think about what you can do? What small things can you do to make a difference? It is more than common courtesy; simply using the “please and thank you” that our parents taught us to use. It is being mindful of those around you and how you affect them.

As we all are so able to recall the “wrongs” against us, the “rights” can and should have more impact. Most of us have had instances, even if rare, when a stranger has shown a motivation other than self and our reaction is often one of surprise at first, then a warm glow of “thank you” rises and that moment can stick with us for the remainder of that day. It can help take the sting out of the next “one finger salute” you might receive from a disgruntled driver.

Due to our hectic lives, it can be a challenge to pause for a moment and consciously make a decision to make a difference by a “ random acts of kindness”. Letting someone merge ahead of you into your lane of traffic is not going to upset the rotation of the planets.

It can be challenging if we make the effort and it appears our efforts are not appreciated. The goal should not be the accolades of “thank you” but the quiet inner knowledge that we are making a difference. It is empowering when we become a vital and active part in the improvement of someone else’s life at whatever level.

The challenge is for you to make a difference. Starting today, take the opportunity for at least one random act of kindness. It doesn’t have to involve money or large portions of time. It is about making a choice; to put a smile on someone’s face and maybe even help to restore their faith that thoughtfulness and concern for others has not disappeared completely.

You may never know if your random act of kindness might cause someone to hesitate and step back from their personal pain and think twice before acting hastily and possibly cause harm to another.

Kindness IS contagious

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