Published On: November 10, 2014

The first month of 2006 has passed. So… how are you doing on your resolutions? Please don’t skip to the next article simply because the well intentioned goals you had set in place in anticipation of a new calendar year are not being pursued with their original enthusiasm. This is not intended to point a finger of failure. We all can become mired in the asphalt on the road of good intentions.

Did you know that fewer than 10% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions actually achieve them? Unwittingly, millions of people set themselves up for failure. This can be repeated year after year. There are countless strategies available to help one conquer the resolution relay. However, even the most detailed plan can become burdensome. Often someone might think, “ if only I had a cheer leader or a coach.” Not simply as a form of accountability but as an encouragement.

When a baby takes their first steps, they are often encouragement by the smiling face and words of a parent. As the young child performs at their first recital or the young batter takes their first swing, the applause and cheers reinforces the “way to go” and the “proud of you” sentiment. Becoming an adult does not diminish the need for acknowledgment of our accomplishments, regardless of how inconsequential they might seem to someone else. The challenge is learning to become our own encouragers.

Changing any behaviour is hard enough without the additional difficulty of trying to balance out work, interpersonal relationships, family, and everyday life situations. Unfortunately, when things get stressful, people can feel defeated and the cognitive focus becomes “what is the use or why should I bother?”

Perhaps the best resolution is to adjust our focus. Build on simple, small successes. I read that resolutions are goals in disguise. That means, we do not need a calendar to become our goal taskmaster. Ok, so one month is gone. You cannot turn back the clock. Instead, think about what you can do TODAY!!

Take that stroll around the block. Clean out that catch all drawer in the kitchen. Pack a healthy lunch to take to work with you tomorrow. Maybe those could be the first “babysteps” to a more active, organized and healthier life.

Remember the phrase… every journey starts with one step. You don’t need a calendar for that.

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