Published On: November 24, 2014

Spring is finally here, nature’s reminder of new beginnings. After a cold dreary winter we eagerly start planning our garden and planting, anticipating the enjoyment over the coming months as we see the flowers bloom and vegetables grow.

Like a successful garden, relationships need to be nurtured, and weeded. Often, the most rewarding element of relationships can be growth.

Make a choice to discover more about your spouse and what can you do to nurture that growth. Pause from the hectic moments of everyday life and really consider your spouse. What challenges are they facing personally and how can you help? Maybe they just need you to listen or offer real encouragement. Make a regular date night ,time for just the two of you to focus on one another. Romance and fun can work “miracles” in your marriage. Remember, for your marital garden more is required than simply spreading manure?

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