How to Handle an Emotionally Cheating Partner

How to Handle an Emotionally Cheating Partner

Published On: April 19, 2024

Does your partner feel distant? Are they not connecting with you on an emotional level? You may have an emotionally cheating partner. Our team of mental health experts at Bayridge Counselling Centres can help you understand emotional cheating, the signs of it in a relationship, and what to do when you discover it.

What is Emotional Cheating?

Recognizing emotional affairs can feel more challenging than physical ones. Emotional cheating consists of forming a strong emotional attachment to someone other than your partner. Signs of emotional infidelity include:

If you notice your partner practicing increasing secrecy, such as keeping their phone out of sight or avoiding your questions, they may be hiding something. They’ll likely spend more time on their phone, become defensive, or accuse you of prying when you ask what they’re doing.

Have your conversations become increasingly superficial and less deep or emotional? Your partner might be having those conversations with someone else.

If your partner doesn’t want to talk about emotional issues, especially if they have before, they may have a different emotional partner. You may also notice a decrease in physical intimacy.

A partner who cheats emotionally may change their established routine, show more concern about how they look, or develop new interests.

Tips for Resolving Emotional Cheating

If you’re dealing with emotional betrayal, you likely feel overwhelmed and unsure how best to proceed. Consider consulting a therapist for help if you suspect your partner is cheating but aren’t sure. Otherwise, think about the following.

Set Emotional Boundaries

Emotional cheating in relationships often results from a lack of emotional boundaries. If you have concerns about your partner’s interactions, speak to them compassionately and remind them that you care for them. Still, remember that you can only control your own actions, not theirs.

Improve Communication

If you have an emotionally cheating partner and want to save the relationship, you should both commit to improving communication. Schedule frequent conversations and force yourself to talk about your emotions and intimate matters. 

Consider Their Perspective

If you’re coping with a cheating partner, you might benefit from considering why they cheated. You’ll find this extremely difficult, but most people don’t cheat for fun. While you’re not to blame for the affair, if you can determine whether they feel unloved, you’ve been too busy, or you’ve just grown apart, you can take steps to fix it.

Seek Professional Help

Don’t attempt healing from emotional betrayal without guidance. A therapist can help you identify and deal with your feelings. They can also help you decide whether you want to work things out with your partner or end the relationship.

Bayridge Counselling Centres Provides Couples Therapy

If you suspect that your partner is emotionally cheating on you, don’t try to handle it alone. At Bayridge Counselling Centres, you can connect with a compassionate and highly trained mental health professional who can guide you through the next steps. To schedule an online counselling session, please reach out to us online or call our team at (905) 319-1488.

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