Let’s Talk About Money: How Does Money Affect Relationships?

Let’s Talk About Money: How Does Money Affect Relationships?

Published On: September 15, 2022

Money isn’t everything, but we can’t deny that it hugely impacts your relationship. So, how does money affect relationships?

Whether you’re dating or married, spending and saving money can impact your relationship in good, bad, and everything-in-between ways.

In this article, we’ll talk about how money affects relationships—and what you can do to ensure spending money recklessly doesn’t ruin your relationship.

The Link Between Money and Love Relationship

Money and love are two things that are a priority in a relationship. Many people believe that money can be the reason for a breakup, but is this true? It is. Money has been a contributing factor to some of these relationships ending.

3 Common Money Issues in Dating Relationships

Relationships Where Woman Makes More Money

How does money affect relationships where the woman makes more money? Women who make more money often become labelled “less feminine” or “more masculine.” This can cause some men to feel insecure about their partner’s success. They may try to assert their dominance by refusing to contribute financially.

Relationships Where One Partner Commits Financial Infidelity

That could be anything from hiding credit card debt to lying about how much money you make. Below we list four common financial infidelity issues you might encounter in a dating relationship:

  • One partner keeps their finances secret from the other
  • Both partners have separate bank accounts and never talk about money
  • One partner seems to spend more than they earn
  • One partner spends all their money on luxury items

Relationships Where One Partner Commits Financial Abuse

How does money affect relationships with a partner who commits financial abuse?

If you’re in a relationship and don’t have access to your partner’s bank account, they may be committing financial abuse. Financial abuse occurs when one partner controls the other partner’s money. This can include making them ask for permission to spend money, taking their paycheck, or forcing them to sign legal documents that give up their rights to the couple’s property.

Financial abuse is a form of domestic violence, and it can have severe emotional and physical effects on the person suffering the abuse.

How To Talk About Money and Relationships

Let’s review four tips to help you navigate through money problems in your relationship:

  • Talk about it early on
  • Focus on shared financial goals and values
  • Create a plan for how to handle money if something happens (e.g., if one person loses their job or gets injured)
  • Remain open and honest with each other about how money affects your quality of life

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