Published On: April 12, 2022

On a difficult journey a good road map makes all the difference.

Grief is a journey that may take some time to travel.

Many people get stuck in the grieving process. Grieving is a natural process that can take place after any kind of loss. When a loved one passes away this can be a very overpowering emotion that has to run its course. Some approaches may not be the best for ongoing emotional health and personal well-being. Certainly relationships, work and school can be compromised significantly. It is clear that the amount of support people receive can lesson some of the impact of grief and help to facilitate recovery.

Some people hardly seem to grieve at all. They prefer to avoid any mention of their loss, do not cry at the funeral and strive to return to their normal life as soon as possible. They bury their grief, avoiding internal stress and pain while creating emotional landmines, which may be triggered at any time.

What about a grief that never seems to be resolved?

Some dealing with grief may suffer physical illness and periods of depression for some time. The sense of disbelief and shock just continues and never seems to end. They cannot think about anything else but the loss of their loved one.

Many months after the death, grief can be sparked off many months after the death by things that bring back memories.

Often the days immediately following a death can be hectic with funeral arrangements, and immediate support might be very available. What about the weeks and months after the loss? What do you do after the supportive words of friends, cards of sympathy or even the casseroles lovingly prepared stop? Sometimes, due to the discomfort of others, someone dealing with bereavement may feel they are being avoided. This often results in feelings of isolation and anxiety.

The work of grieving is about expressing emotion – some may be unfamiliar and unacceptable to self or others, e.g., anger, guilt, remorse. It is important to find a safe place and an accepting and supportive person to work through all the effects of bereavement.

A supportive, safe and accepting environment, and time set aside regularly can make a great difference. It may provide comfort and hope at a time of great confusion and crisis.

Take a step towards healing… WE KNOW HOW!!

Our DVD series serves as a detailed map of Grief’s Journey. Our counsellors provide the supportive and safe vehicle to navigate the journey.

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