3 Reasons Couples Need Premarital Counselling

3 Reasons Couples Need Premarital Counselling

Published On: April 14, 2022

At Bayridge Counselling Centres, our therapists answer hundreds of enquiries about premarital counselling from concerned parents, mental health advocates, and partners that need convincing.

Our premarital counselling experts will outline three reasons every couple should receive premarital counselling before tying the knot. We will also include a few pointers about what you can expect from an online counselling facility like ours and why you should not wait until it’s too late to get some professional advice.

Premarital Counselling Helps You Identify Incompatibilities in Advance

At Bayridge Counselling Centres, our registered therapists do not believe in a perfect union, no matter how much they appear to love each other when they visit us. Romance is fleeting in many marriages and engaging in therapy will allow you to see the incompatibilities you share with your partner without wearing rose-coloured glasses.

A few sessions will illuminate your potential reactions to crises, like market crashes, accidents, or misbehaving children, and imbue positive conflict resolution tactics that will help you resolve or escape them as a couple. Premarital counselling is a proactive approach that will let you discover new things about you and your partner, such as:

  •       How you would handle excess cash flow
  •       How you will parent children of different genders, talents, and mental capabilities
  •       Your decision-making and conflict resolution styles
  •       How you will resolve domestic conflicts

It Describes the Unique Elements of a Healthy Marriage for You and Your Partner

According to recent studies, most single people in Canada think that a healthy marriage is a life goal worth chasing. However, about 5.6% of their marriages will end in divorce, which is a good number considering that Canada’s divorce rates are entering a five-year low.

The Journal of Family Psychology reveals that couples who book private premarital counselling sessions increase their chances of making it by as much as 30%. Professional counsellors can help people who are single parents, have broken families, and had previous marriages. We can employ various strategies to show a clearer picture of a healthy relationship, including:

  •       Religious counselling
  •       Online courses with a certified counsellor
  •       Professional therapy on a one-on-one basis
  •       Group discussions
  •       Scientific compatibility tests

Our clients can pattern their beliefs and behaviours to an ideal scientific standard, allowing them to create a lasting marriage where both parties can compromise and adjust to the needs of the other.

Premarital Counselling Gives Two People a Common Goal to Work Toward

Marriage is challenging, no matter how much you prepare for it. A family therapist can help you draft resolutions and goals that you can work toward as a married couple, which will help you grow and mature as partners and individuals. Removing downplaying attitudes, letting go of needless competition, and establishing healthy boundaries are just some of the goals we help clients achieve.

Get Counselling from the Experts Today

Marriage is one of the most life-changing events you will ever experience. If you’re looking to get premarital counselling, it shows that you want to prepare yourself and your partner to work as a team as you tackle life’s biggest challenges.

Get premarital counselling from licenced experts by calling Bayridge Counselling Centres at (905) 319-1488 to learn more.

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