15 Ways You Can Manage Your Stress

15 Ways You Can Manage Your Stress

Published On: March 14, 2023

Your health depends on how well you manage your stress levels. If you struggle with a busy routine or a situation that constantly requires attention, however, you could wrestle with effective but simple stress management. Our team at Bayridge Counselling Centres shows you how to relieve stress quickly using a few simple methods listed below.

Best Ways to Manage Stress

Continue reading to learn how to relieve stress quickly.

1. Experience Your Body

One of the many ways to relieve stress involves making yourself more aware of your body. Allowing your mind to connect with your physical body will enable you to experience the present moment and make decisions that might benefit you more. You can connect your mind to your body and raise your physical awareness in several ways.

  • Gauge your body’s responses like breathing patterns, clenched jaws, or rapid heartbeat.
  • Consciously acknowledge these responses.
  • Regulate those responses by taking a few moments to relax your muscles, breathe deeply, or close your eyes. Take a few moments to rest.

2. Make Achievable Lists and Prioritize Tasks

If you have several tasks to tackle, you cannot surmount these tasks satisfactorily. You might procrastinate as a result, which raises your stress level. Instead of procrastinating, create a list of tasks in order of priority.

If you have time, allow these tasks a daily time block. Seeing a concrete list often makes the to-dos seem less insurmountable or abstract. Allotting certain times to complete them motivates you further.

3. Talk to a Friend or Family Member

Sometimes effective stress reduction requires sharing the burden. Develop a support network of friends and family members you can trust. When you encounter stressful situations, ask someone within this network to make time for you.

During this time, vent about the situation and why it causes stress. Remain open to advise or suggestions from this person. Even if you don’t use the suggestion, offloading the mental weight can improve your mental health.

4. Write in a Journal

Although you might have a strong support network, the people within it often have their own struggles. Their schedules aren’t always open to discussions at the drop of a hat. You need a different way to offload some stress.

Learning how to relieve stress quickly and effectively involves developing self-sufficient habits. You can practice self-sufficiency by journaling when others become unavailable. Use your journal to write, draw, or doodle.

Any type of self-expression will do if it relieves some of the stress you feel.

5. Change Your Surroundings

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, you might feel trapped. But you can remove yourself from it until you feel better. Step outside to experience the weather and soak in your surroundings to connect with a different space.

6. Practice Self-Care

Self-care takes many forms, making it one of the best stress management methods. You can incorporate self-care each day through large or small gestures. Consider healthy elements that your routine lacks and work them into your schedule.

Plan two or three healthy, home-cooked meals weekly if you often rely on fast food. If you spend too much time using a screen throughout the day, block out a couple of screen-free hours before bed. You can also try out more luxurious forms of self-care like at-home spa days, regular bubble baths, or investing in better bedding to improve your sleep hygiene.

7. Use Breathing Exercises

Breathing draws life-giving oxygen into your body. Your circulation system transports that oxygen to different body parts and systems. When you feel stress creeping into your body, take a moment to practise some deep breathing exercises.

8. Engage in Exercise

Find twenty minutes each day to exercise. Exercise improves your circulation and exposes you to sunlight if you do it outdoors. You don’t have to do an intense workout to see results. A brisk walk does the trick.

9. Take a Time-Out

When you feel the tension rise in your body, remove yourself from the stressful situation. Give your mind a chance to assess the situation. Then, approach the issue with a clearer mind.

10. Organize Your Surroundings

A chaotic environment contributes to high-stress levels. Although you already balance a hectic lifestyle, you can find short time blocks to tidy up your office, bedroom, or any other important space. Take 15 to 30 minutes every other day to clean up that area.

11. Eat or Drink Something Healthy

Sometimes the stress you feel isn’t related to external circumstances at all. When your body needs nourishment or hydration, it can cause a stress response for some people. Drink a glass of water or eat a piece of fruit and gauge how you feel afterward.

12. Allot Some “Me” Time

If you have kids, a spouse, a demanding job, and an exhausting commute, you might struggle to find alone time. But taking 15 minutes at the end of the day to decompress and enjoy some solitude can help you process any challenges and feelings.

13. Snuggle with a Pet

Beloved pets can easily and effectively reduce your stress levels. They are always pleased to see and spend time with you. If you need a moment to yourself, include your pet’s loving presence.

14. Watch or Listen to Something Funny

Laughing offers an excellent outlet to relieve tension. It can also increase positive feelings. Find clips from a comedian you enjoy and watch them when stressed out.

15. Apply Cold Water to Your Arms or Face

Stress can raise your body temperature and make you feel physically uncomfortable. You can combat this by splashing cold water on your face and arms. The cool contrast can improve your physical and mental awareness.

Explore How to Relieve Stress Quickly and Effectively at Bayridge Counselling Centres

Ready to learn how to relieve stress quickly, no matter where you are or what you face? At Bayridge Counselling Centres, we strive to empower you with versatile tools and assistance from experienced therapists! We offer online counselling services that can help you work through life’s challenges. Call us at (905) 319-1488 to learn more about our resources.

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